Monday, April 26, 2010

Tips for Beginners from a Beginner

I've only been "couponing" for a few weeks now but I've already found so many great deals. My advice? Dedicate some time each day to this new "hobby". It may seem overwhelming at first but soon you'll find that it's really quite manageable and the feeling you get when you get something that's normally $4.00 for 50 cents is AMAZING! Don't rush out and buy everything you can at once. Take your time, plan, decide what you need and what you'll use. Use friends as a resource! I'm getting 6-8 sets of coupons from friends who get the Sunday paper but don't use their coupons. Also, USE THE INTERNET! There are so many great sites out there that will tell you about the deals so you don't have to do any research! But, also get familiar with your coupons and what you have. I've discovered that I could work a much better deal than what a website was telling me. And most importantly, have fun. If you're not having fun doing this you're going to be miserable and stop before it's even worth your while. Feel free to email me with any questions or leave comments. Good luck!

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